Friday, July 18, 2008

non-local fauna

I was trying to sort out dinner in the kitchen the other evening, when I heard Shrik exclaim loud in the living room. I sauntered over.

"...the point of this ad. How many Indians would know what a skunk is, anyway?", he was telling Madhu.

I glanced at the screen, at an animated ad for a room freshener, and at the fluffy animal plugging it.

"Yep, that's a raccoon there, so you've proved yourself right," I said.

A rare, delicious moment of speechlessness followed.

"There is a skunk at the end of the ad, though," I added gently.

"The skunk at the end! That's what I was talking about!"

But I knew. And now you do, too.


yashoda said...

brilliant senti , just brilliant!

shrik said...

I'm ahead of my times *sigh*

madhu said...

there, there shrik.

Manju said...

I didn't even know how to spell racoon before I read this post. As you can see I still don't.