Monday, September 10, 2007

Paging buildings

I finally have broadband installed in my house, which means I can now be rude to my sis across the room (be rude across the room, not my sis across the room - I have only one sis, even if she's across the room) on google talk, and type witty repartees faster than she can speak to me (across the room).

So this evening, My sis, Madhu, and yours truly (that's three of us - Me, my sis, and Madhu, though my sis is also Madhu, but the aforementioned Madhu is not my sis Madhu) were sitting at our respective laptops and while I was immersed in the archives of Wookieepedia, which, incidentally, all you people should check out, the two Madhus were doing random stuff like checking mail. Suddenly Madhu (not my sis) broke the silence.

"Wow, look at this hi-fi building paging!"

I knew about some really nifty buildings from Japan, but they never paged each other, as far as I knew, so I sat up and took notice. But my sister was quicker, though her hearing wasn't as good.

"My building?"

Madhu raised her eyebrows. This information needed a keen line of questioning, she decided.


"Oh, did you say 'a building', or 'my building'?"

"My building?"

"Your building?"



I decided enough was enough. These silly girls were not even close to the nub of the issue. I intervened.

"How can buildings page each other?"

Both girls looked at me.

"She said Beijing. A cool building in Beijing."

"I said Beijing. A cool building in Beijing."

This was rich, I thought. Two girls giving me the frosty look, all because one of them can't pronounce Beijing properly, not to mention their own partial deafness. And "my" doesn't even rhyme with "your". And they completely missed the point about the paging. One must take a firm line with these things.

"Oh, ah," I retorted, pointedly.

And went back to Wookieepedia. Which, incidentally, you should check out.


madhu said...

hmm... in some cultures, when you say you have tons of work to plough through by the morning, it means you will record evening's conversation on blog :-p

shrik said...

Hey, nice tactic to make theM (M and m) use googletalk, instead of speaking across rooms. I can just hear the tone of sincere stupidity in that "Oh, ah". Heh. Little do they know.

kakkar said...

ha ha ha ha ha. madhu's comment is absolutely hilarious. that put the finishing touch on my laughter after i read your post. i.e. it add the rotf to the l.

dharmabum said...

there. yet another madhu here :P

RS said...

LOL. I am glad you got broadband, makes for interesting posts!

Anurag said...


aL-0k!!!! said...

I go with madhu.. buahahaha