Saturday, September 23, 2006

While I'm still thinking of what to write...

... I decided to throw in a few more snaps of Ladakh.

The first one is a shot taken in the More plains , a 40 km stretch of, er, plains, right in the middle of the mountains. Once again, I had a sensory overload of sorts, having never seen so much space in one sitting. As soon my hands could hold a camera without shaking the lens free from its mount, I snapped off a shot.

The second one is a slightly weird sort of place, Tanglangla pass, which proclaims itself to be the second highest motorable pass in the world. It was rather cold, but the sun blazed down, bounced off the snow, hurt our eyes, and caused the distracting bokeh on the photograph. And yes, the teensy spot on the lower left corner is Kakkar's bullet.

This pass was deserted except for this old man who was manning a tea shop. I decided to go and make some conversation.

"So... you stay up here all alone?"

"Why? What would you do if I said yes? Why do you want to know? Who are you people? Give me your vehicle numbers! What do you mean by that question?"

This was not the sort of response I expected, but we travelling engineers are quick on our feet. I laughed a light, dismissive laugh, and attempted to make amends.

"Heh, I think you misunderstood me..."

"I understand everything! You think I'm all alone out here? What can you possibly do to me? Give me your vehicle numbers! Wait, I'll note them down myself!"

Tea at Tanglangla pass thus had to wait till our return trip, when we found the shop manned by a ladakhi lady and her daughter, who were much more friendly and generous with their tea.

Somehow I couldn't bring myself to ask them if they were there all day all by themselves.


Brewtus said...

Beautiful photographs (as always). Why are you still in engineering?

shrik said...

Wow, as before. I have an idea for you on what to write, it only involves a spreadsheet.

Perspective Inc. said...

wow... such stunning pics!

Senthil said...

brewtus: Thanks, me man. But I remain in engineering so I can buy film, lenses, and hopefully, a tripod. Also gives me an excuse for a lack of social life. "You have a girlfriend?", they ask me, and I say, "Nah, I'm an engineer."

Shrik: employer, you! Getoutofmyprivatespace!
Uh, and yes, I've sent you the timesheets. Please don't fire me, massa!

Perspective inc: Thank you!

SternMystic said... are th eonly one from our batch that knows hwo to use up vacation.....kudos to you!!!

I want your vacashun life too....sniff sniff!!! Corporate America is robbing me of such trips, I hate the Niagara Falls, mesa wants to bike on long roadtrips.

dharmabum said...

super photos :)
and super snippet from wodehouse.

btw, is this the same senthil - senti - 2D guy from RECT???

sorry if it isn't - i've lost this guy and haven't found a way of looking out for him :(

bronzmash said...


Two Good..: two good photos, two good posts in a row..!

Vaish said...

Hehehheheeh!! :)

Awesome pictures, T. I am guessing you will have a 1000 print request shortly.

Hari said...

Hello Senthil. Long time, no comment, so thought I'd drop by and say that all your pictures are wonderful!

If you happen to be in any of the southwestern states in the US, don't miss going to the four corners region - I have a feeling you'll enjoy photohtaphing there!

Anurag said...

Have we thought enough already? Thanks.

dharmabum said...

enna da, stopped writing?

Brewtus said...

dude, did you decide to go live in those mountains in the photograph? what is up?

Three drinks always! said...

Beautiful photographs. :)