Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm off, folks!

Once again, many apologies, boys and girls, I had to finish off a lot of work and drink up all the beer in my fridge - I'm travelling again, and this time, strictly for pleasure. Going to Ladakh, on two wheels and lots of prayers... if I survive, we shall meet. At Philippi or elsewhere.

Till then, be good.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Cooling my heels...

The other day, thanks to the pre-monsoon showers, Shrik and I felt that primal urge that neanderthals probably felt whenever there were pre-monsoon showers, to go to Mulshi and sit around, doing nothing. So, we went. I lugged my camera along, too, and took off a few snaps of the, um, brown water and the brown earth, and the slightly-brown-tinged blue skies. I guess it would take a while before the area becomes green and irritates Anurag, who prefers different shades of different colours in the scenery. After taking a few snaps last monsoon of green trees not standing out against the green grass and the green moss, I agree with him. Not that I have anything against greenpeace or any of the environmental activists, but too much of green, though easy on the eye, is tough to photograph well. Anyways, there you are.

Canon EOS 66
Film: Kodak Max 400
Lens: Canon 28-80mm

And what was Shrik doing when I was taking pictures? Believe it or not - this.