Wednesday, May 31, 2006



I'd taken this pic sometime in January, when I was visiting Kerala. Kottayam, to be exact. Like all small towns I visit, I was amazed at the blue skies, clean air, and the absence of a Barista around the corner. Nice place, except that if you want to go into a temple, you need to strip to the waist. Never figured that one out... anyways, I was walking around at noon over there, trying to find some subjects to shoot, and this one came out quite well. I was showing this to Anurag yesterday, and he suggested I invert it, and he was right, it does look more interesting this way.

For the people who have already seen the right-side-up pic in my flickr album, sorry, I shall hopefully be posting something soon, but the days, they are a-crazy. For example, I crashed KP's brand-new bike... with KP on it, but more on that later. Yes, he's fine. No, the bike is not, so don't rub it in. And I'm fine, too, thanks for asking.

However, they should do something about that "healing" spray that the nurses liberally hosed me with. After they'd pulled me back down from the ceiling and cleared away the bits of plaster that I'd knocked loose, I realized that I now had a neat waterproof coating on all my bruises. All very nice, but not a vey pleasant process. You guys, next time you have a fall, try this spray out. And watch out for that ceiling.


Anurag said...

Awesome, fantastic, splendid, fabulous shot!

shrik said...

Great subject, composition, lighting.. the list goes on!

Three drinks always! said...

That's an awesome-ly good picture!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic picture, that! I hope the bruises are better now.

~ Shibs.

biju said...

that must be healex(ix). the spray, that is. Excruciatingly painful to be sprayed with it, but very quick recovery.

that's a really nice effect!! the photo, that is.

Senthil said...

Anurag, Shrik, ThreeDrinks : Thankoo, thankoo! And Anurag, especially, thanks for the fandoo idea.

Shibs: Thankeew, madame. And yes, them bruises are much better.

Biju: Yus, yus, it was Healex! I even bought a can out of curiosity to try and see if it coats everything with plastic. Ruined a notebook cover that way.

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