Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sitting and staring...

...was what I did. A lot. In the last few weeks, on the windowsill of this amazingly high building I was staying in at Kandivili. Yep, I know, I know, I have already mentioned this to all and sundry, but I can't get over it. And I recently found out that it was not the 27th floor, but the 29th floor, since p1 and p2 were for parking! And the view at night is amazing, and I had my camera handy, and voila tout:


Please click here for a larger version. Please? Pretty please?

And is that a shooting star on the top right, or a scratch on the negative? I guess it's going to be an unsolved mystery... that, and the Bermuda triangle.

Camera: Canon EOS 66
Lens: Canon 28-80 mm
Film: Fuji Pro 100
Focal length: 28 mm
Aperture: f/16
Exposure: 30 sec


Brewtus said...

Brilliant photo man. Btw where in Kandivali where you staying? My folks have a flat there too.

Vaish said...

Gosh, what a beautiful picture that is! Really, really nice work, Thambi! :)

Hari said...

Agree completely! Very nice picture

biju said...

that's neat!!! wow

Anurag said...

Lovely pic! Perfect exposure. Did you use a tripod?

yesbob said...

kandivili !!!!! where ??????

meira said...

beautiful picture...nice new place in pune has somewhat a similar view ...anyhow good wrk...! keep clicking...I am going to be here often...photograph romba nalla irrukku.

Matto said...

Jeez, this is beeyootiful (and no, I haven't forgotten how to spell:P) goes?

Vaish said...

WE WANT a new post!
WE WANT a new post!
WE WANT a new post!