Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Uncropped crop?

Long time and all that, eh, people? My apologies. I was on vacation - meeting family after ages and all that, and had to put in some frantic travel and work to make up for it. Anyways, I'm, as they say in Hollywood, back. Big as life and twice as bad, or words to that effect.
I also have taken loads of pics, which I shall be uploading periodically out here, until I feel energetic enough to actually write something.

I took these two pics at Haridwar. I was really bad at botany in school, and my younger sister - who is about eight years younger - was better at identifying the plants in our garden. So when my mum used to ask me to "water the crotans" I used to look up from my Tintin and give her a blank look till she said, "Oh. Go out the back door, take a left, and water the third plant from the corner."

So you'll forgive me if I don't have the slightest idea what these things are. My guess is that they are either blades of exotic grass that somehow grow to be about six feet high, or some sort of crop that people forgot to, heh heh, crop.

Anyways, that is not something that bothers me. It may well be jute for all I care. However, what I want you guys to tell me is: which one of the two pics do you think is the better one? I cannot decide myself, though I have repeatedly been kicking myself for not getting the composition of the first one the way I wanted. So. Plis be to vote? Explanations on why you prefer one over the other are welcome, too.

Pic 1: Title - "ear".

Pic 2: Title - "ears". Heh heh.

A word of thanks to Anurag - I flicked about two rolls of Fuji Velvia transparency film from him, and these are a few of the pics I used the roll for. Oh, and the details, if you care to know:
Camera: Canon EOS66
Lens: Canon 100-300mm USM
Film: Fuji Velvia 50 slide transparency


shrik said...

Thought you were refering to your hair. I liked ears better. Better composition, methinks.

m. said...

hmm. votes me for the first. it has more possibilities - looks like a crack in glass, grass, clump of crystals... nish.

yknow, the second one reminds me of those native varieties documentaries. a flute playing in the background, the camera zooms out and the voice over starts with super convent enunciation "in 1985 india had reached self sufficiency in food grain production"...rofl!

Anurag said...

Agree with Shrik. Ears is more pleasing to my eyes. From next time onward, before you take a pic like this, scan the viewfinder to avoid hotspots like the one on the upper right hand side of the snap.

I think the lab didn't do a very good job of scanning.

RS said...

Me likes second one! I know very little about photography but I can say what I like better :)

Its like a face hidden in shadows, with a halo lighting up just a few features...and you want to see more, but cant...:)

biju said...

"ears". though i like the diagonal placement of the first one, the surreality of the second one wins hands-down. :)

Gina said...


The first one's too abstract for me.

Vaish said...

I LOVE Ears! (Even bit one once, but that story I shall save for another day! :P).

* I love the green in the background. And all the stuff that you can see in the background creates a nice effect (the dark tree, the sprinkly leaves, the cloudy light on the right-top corner). Romba nice.
* I also like how the ...erm.. jute looks a lot clearer and sharper. And the twin jute fellows make a nice pattern.

Afterthought : Would a Bengali say
I LOBE Ears?! :P

kakkar said...

another vote for "ears".

anurag, how can you be so rude?!

Gops said...

Good going Senti... My FOOT when did u turn to photography!!! Bugger u cud have done better when we went on the bike ride to Lonavala :-))) great going dear, enjoi...

Vaish said...

You're Invited!
Dinner at my place!

Anonymous said...

If you crop pic1 so it only includes the "furry" part of the ear it could look like the smoke jet stream you see in the sky when those planes pass by..