Friday, January 06, 2006

Swings of the Gods

This time on new year's day, I was alone - stranger in a strange land sort of alone - and decided to spend the day in solitude and instrospection. I thus went to Rishikesh and took some photographs, and learned a valuable lesson: I need to practise taking photographs under harsh lighting conditions. Almost ALL the photographs I took that day came out bleached.

This one is one of the few that came out all right. Rishikesh is beautiful this time of the year, and the colours are really vibrant. This one is one of two suspension bridges across the Ganges, and is named "Ram Jhoola", or the swing of Rama. The other bridge is called "Lakshman Jhoola", after his faithful brother, who followed him into exile, leaving his wife behind. Which makes me wonder about long-distance relationships in ancient India.

Anyways, I digress. I realized that suspension bridges form great subjects for photographs - the sweep of their cables gives you a sense of majesty and grace that no other bridge can. I need to go back there and try out more snaps. Meanwhile, let me know what you think of this one.

I uploaded a slightly larger version of this pic, experimenting on how it looks on the page, and how it affects page loading time, so in case your page takes too long to load, please let me know, and I shall go back to the smaller pics.

Ram Jhoola

Camera: Canon EOS 66
Lens: Canon 28-80 mm
Focal length: 28mm
Film: Fuji Pro 100
Aperture: f/16
Shutter Speed: 1/90 sec


Shrutz said...

Words fail me!!
The picture is AWESOMEEEE!

Vaish said...

The page loaded just fine.

The picture is incredible. Simply awesome!

m. said...

after being so used to cityscapes, that looks almost unreal...
lovely. thanks for the breath of fresh air! :)
ps - no problems here either, with loading the pic.

Pranav said...

Nice pic. And I still insist that you must try and take a snap of the Aarti that takes place every evening (I think) at Har ki Paudi. It will be incredible...with your skilled lens.

Vaibhav said...

Thats a pretty great snap... had no problem in uploading... I have broadband though.

Am planning on taking a trip on the Haridwar-Rishikesh side next month myself. Hassles in taking time off from work tho...

and where did you stay?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture. Bridges, railway tracks, roads have always held some strange fascination for me. I love it!

And, the page loaded just fine. In the broad and banded world, I don't think you need to worry about that!

~ Shibs.

RS said...

beautiful! For some reason, I thought this was a pic taken in Australia?!

My page loaded ok.

bronzmash said...

Talk about doing something good and getting praised for it!!

That pic's GREAT!! You have captured the whole expanse so properly.. it loads in a jiffy on my system...

Oh! and i just put your fruit of love (this blog!) on my most read list..

Keep Snapping...!


Brewtus said...

Me likey

Anonymous said...


nice perspective shot! for some reason, the lower support suspensions caught my eye.

my two pence:

don't know why you worry about lighting conditions being harsh. exploiting sharp shadows will give you great results, though finding suitable vantage points in places like rishikesh would not be easy :p

possible reason for bleaching is shooting something like a clear winter sun with 100 ASA.

post script

Anonymous said...

Hey Senthil! The photos in your blog are awesome! Kalakku!


Senthil said...

Shrutz, Vaish, m., vaibhav, Shibs, bronzmash, brewtus : Thanks, people. I guess I should not have worried about the loading, I lead the dial-up kind of nomadic life, so. :(

Ramya: Thanks. :) I'm curious, though: why Australia? Is it because the shot was taken from down under? :)

Bachha: Harki Paudi aarti will be shot. In fact, I intend to shoot a roll on the post-sunset Haridwar life, so watch this space.

Pasina: Yo! Long time - again! You're right about the stark shadows and the winter sun... in fact, I have been told that it pays to underexpose by a stop.

Easu: Man, where HAVE you been? And thanks a lot!

Vaish said...

Thambi? Where are you being?