Saturday, September 17, 2005

...but why not 42?

The Phone rang. Kakkar received the call. It was Shrik.


"Hey Hey." This is Shrik's customary greeting whenever you greet him with a "Hey."

Kakkar was in an upbeat mood, so he took the conversation further.
"Hey hey hey!"

"Hey hey hey hey!"

"Hey hey hey hey hey hey!"

"That's not right. One 'hey' too many."

"I double-promoted myself in 'Hey's."

...and so on. Which goes to show the kind of weird company I keep.

But that is not the subject of this post. The subject of this post, as the title effectively fails to convey, is the latest tag doing the rounds. Dhammo has thrown the steel-lined gauntlet at my face, challenging me to write a story in fifty-five words or less. So after straightening my nose (which had already suffered recently thanks to a steptococcal infection, which I suspect is latin for "nose swollen so badly the patient could not wear his glasses"), I bent down and picked it up. The gauntlet, I mean.

So I started writing one. Two hundred and forty-nine words later, I realized one thing. I needed a beer. No, sorry, that is just a thought that keeps popping up at the back of my mind every few hours or so. What I really realized was that it was tough, keeping a story short. By this time I had started doing some research for my story, and one thing led to another till finally I found myself looking at the Wikipedia entry on James Tague. I then decided to keep that story for a rainy day, and started with a clean word processor. So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present to you the next fifty-three words.

“Is that it?”


“You’re sure? Only ten?”

“Yep. Admirable, isn’t it? I think I’ve covered everything.”

“I was being sarcastic.”


“Only kidding – keep your hair on. Right, then, I’m off. Thanks.”

“Careful round the last bend. You might get a bit of a shock.”

The rest, as they say, was religion.


Now I throw my gauntlets at Brewtus, Hari, Shruti, M., and Ramya. En garde!


Brewtus said...


Anurag said...

Very imaginative...

Shrutz said...

funnyyy! How can I follow this up?

m. said...

that was niiish!

second, if the gauntlet you threw at me was steel lined too, you can jolly well foot the bill for the plastic surgery (and whopee, ill finally have a hawk nose!) :D

ive done my feeble bit :p

Hari said...

You know, I posted my 55-word story twice (don't know if you caught the posts) and then deleted them out of embarrassment. I realized a blank space was probably the best story for me!

It requires some special wit to do these sort of things. Your post on this is great (though I'll admit I am not completely sure that I have understood it right :))

Senthil said...

Brewtus: Thankoo! :)

Anurag: Thanks, and can you believe I was actually NOT under the influence when I wrote this one?

Shruti: You did pretty well, lady!

M.: Nopes, me nice guy, me not throw steel gloves at people. Monkey wrenches, sometimes, but never steel gloves.

Hari: Oye, back with that story, then! I missed it!