Thursday, July 14, 2005

Rather embarrassing, this...

I can think of a few things worse than going through the process of writing down what is presented in the following lines - like maybe Hara-Kiri, crashing my bike (again), or sitting through a Spice Girls/ Backstreet Boys/ Britney Bpears concert... but I have been - what's that technical term they use again - ah, Tagged... from the most unexpected of quarters, Shruti - a firm believer in the old if-I-suffer-then-so-shall-ye ideology. A good lesson in self-defense - never let that left fist drop from its guard. However, one must try to be the preux chevalier, and thus I shall oblige. So here it is:

A small note to greenhorns - this particular 'Tag' is supposed to make me answer a set of questions that have been carefully designed to embarrass the writer and the writee... er, sorry, the reader. Right, then - Geronimo!

Three Names I Go By:

Senthil - mostly my family and people who've just met me
Senthil Kumaaaaar - My mum, when she needs me to:
(a) Wake up in the morning (shudder),
(b) Go buy groceries,
(c) Own up to some disaster I've caused.
Senti, *&#$@!, etc - Close friends, colleagues, my boss, etc.

Three screen names:
Duh... me very 'net un-savvy...

Three Physical Things I Like About Myself:
My fingernails - a very observant girl once told me they have a manicured look...
My double-jointed thumbs - excellent for thumb-wrestling, and
My uvula - very lively. Very unlike me.

Three physical things I don't like about myself:
My overall aspect ratio
My wrists
The lack of enough lines on my forehead... even when eyebrows are at full deployment.

Three parts of my heritage:
Filter Coffee
Carnatic Music
Indrajal Comics

Three things that scare me:
Suddenly finding myself 'in charge'.
Public Speaking.
A wet patch on the road just at the blind part of a switchback I'm taking at 60 k.m.p.h...

Three things I want in a relationship:
Space. Lots of space.
Lots of tickling, going by the advice of Frederick Altamont Cornwallis Twistleton, fifth Earl of Ickenham.
No nasty remarks about my bike. Those scratches add character.

Three statements about you which are not all true or all false:
I'm vaguely embarrassed by corny dialogues in movies.
I love the smell of Napalm in the morning.
I can squeeze through four-inch-wide gaps between tables.

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to me:
Sharp features.
Expressive eyes.
Huggability (a vague concept, but translates to - as a friend of mine puts it - a smallish, cute girl).

Three things I want to do badly right now:
Go out and photograph something.
Have masala chai at the station.
Start drawing that cartoon strip I've been thinking about.

Three places I want to go on a vacation:
The Great Wall - China

Three kids names i like:
Nonu Singh

Three things to do before I die:
Learn the guitar
Ride my bike all over the country

Three essentials in my day-to-day:
My bike
My glasses
Scrambled eggs

Three things I am wearing right now:

There. I hope y'all (especially YOU, lady!) are satisfied. Now, please promise you people will come back to this place in a few days, and I promise I'll put up something interesting. Shcoutsh' honour.


Vignesh said...

Your uvula. I had to Google, coz I was so afraid. So very afraid of what that might mean. Phew.

Hmm.. similar tickling tastes I see.

I love that movie ! Have you read the book ?

RS said...

Huggability - That's a sweet new word you've coined there :)

Shrutz said...

I feel good about this one!

shrik said...

Senti, I will take personal responsibility to ensure that you will do rock-climbing before you die. If you so wish, I will also choose the route such that rock climbing will be the last thing you do before you die...

Anurag said...

Very nice! I was afraid I would come across some incidents from the trek on your blog, but was relieved to see that you were revealing your secrets, not mine. :))

Senthil said...

Vignesh: Wow! I didn't even KNOW there was a book. Next buy, defninitely. Thanks!

RS: Thanks :) But I have to confess - it wasn't was a friend of mine who did the coining...

Shrutz: Just you wait, Ms.Higgins...

Shrik: Ah. With friends like these...

Anurag: Hey, this was written before the trek... wait till I get those snaps developed, and... heheHAHAHAHAHA...

The Arbit Council said...

should i buy a bike?

tell me.

Senthil said...

T.A.B: Yes, you absolutely should. Nothing works for the bruised spirit like biking. Not that one needs a bruised spirit to go biking, but it's helped me max on that area... :)