Tuesday, May 03, 2005

King Bruce's spider

Well, I'm back... decent vacation, that... except for the weather, missed trains, and a few other things I shall post about later, maybe, in a moment of weakness. The important thing is, I am back... with another attempt at rhyming 'moon' with 'spoon'. Whoa - I know, I know, but a man has to try, try, and try, and then give up.

However, to people who still bother coming here, rest assured that my next post will not attempt to be lyrical.

Shells, rigids, and a trailer

Ten metres. The trailer stretches
From end to end, without the cab.
Umpteen sets of engineering sketches
Were all I had; that, and my lab.

Not really a lab, but more or less-
Master FEM, my tool for the job,
"Model the thing now, don't make a mess,"
Was what I was told, with a pat on the nob.

I meshed and I meshed, through night and day
Section create, connect each node.
Chassis, floorboards, panels, all lay
Assembled, at last, I applied the load.

Normal modes and linear statics;
Not too much sweat, myself I told -
But hark! The shadow of dynamics
Loomed overhead, I ceased to be bold.

I curse, I swear, I rant, I rave,
At my computer - it always ignores
The plight I'm in, one foot in the grave,
It cares two hoots - at times, it snores!

Finally, 'tis done, 'tis finished, the worst
Is over now, no errors, says the log...
Now for the report, I tell myself, but first
Things first, it's time for a blog.


m. said...

nice! :-)

Anurag said...

Hey, this one is pretty good. Nice poem. :))

Senthil said...

Thanks, junta. However, I shall stand true to my word and keep a bargepole's distance between the blog and (attempted) limericks.

Hemanth said...

yaaaawwwwwnnnn....aaaiiihaaahhhh...!!! zzzzzzz..........

Senthil said...

Hemu, you #$*&!