Saturday, April 16, 2005

Confessions of a failed poet

I've been reading a few poems of late, and as with everything else I've ventured into, I started thinking that it's quite easy, writing poetry. My childhood experiences refute this opinion, but of course, I am smarter now than I was in the past... or so I thought. So I tried, ... and tried... and tried... and this is all I could come up with.

Now, some of my friends seemed to like it, but I am not sure if it was for fear of hurting my feelings. Thus I have to turn to you people - shoot. I'm all eyes. Harsh criticism is invited. I throw myself at the mercy of the jury. Here goes:

Confessions of a failed poet

I wrestle, I wrangle,
To squeeze out an idea,
My fingers entangle
On the keyboard, my dear.
A poem to write - a piece of pâtisserie
Definitely is not, I tell you, mon chérie.

The "inner eye", I sorely lack;
And to moon with spoons, hardly the knack.
The spring in a step, the mildewed rose,
I never could describe, let me go back to prose.

- Senthil Kumaran


Shrutz said...

I recommend the last line too ;)
Kidding... good work, I feel the same way sometimes, it either clicks or doesn't... especially with some topic like "Reflections"

shrik said...

I christen thee... Khare II !!!

Senthil said...

Shrutz: Believe me, madame, as far as my talent in poetry is concerned, this is as far as "clicking" goes. :(

Shrikman, Khare is going to be out for your blood. ;)

m. said...

"Now, some of my friends seemed to like it, but I am not sure if it was for fear of hurting my feelings."... lol - cynic!!

RTD2 said...

Hey..don't try too hard.. poetry, like love, sneaks up when you don't realize u're looking for it! Kidding..I think u do have a gift with words, and with your self-effacing sense of humor, the failed poet can turn into a famed poet! (Only, watch your grammar in French..that's "ma" cherie, mon cher!)

D said...

I am not much of a poetry buff. Give me prose anyday. But then once in a while, good poetry does capture one's fancy.

Nice poem. You must read Ogden Nash sometime. I guess your verse falls in the same category!

Senthil said...

Wow, you people actually commented! Amazing. Thanks, people! I was away for about a week and a half, flitting about the country, attending weddings... but I be back now, so do not weep... you shall soon be laughing into your sleeves with my next attempt. As Gussie told Bertie, pointing, "Oh, yes, that very sleeve."

M: Cynic? Cynic?? Milady, I just happened to look at the poem again, and I'll be dashed if I let my grandchildren know that I was once capable of producing such drivel, and worse, putting it up on the net!

Aarti: Hmmm... there may be something in what you say about love and poetry, but I was in one of those moods to carpe the diem, and well, it looks like I should let the diem be. And yes, about the french... too right you are, milady. Can I not get a poetic license thingie on this one? :)

Dhammo: I came across Ogden Nash's "The Purist" a long time ago, and I LOVED it. However, he does not look like he tried too hard... the gifted chap probably had equal parts of poetry and humour flowing in his what-d'you-call-its.

Jugular Bean said...

Yes, mildy Nash-esque I would say!