Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The rejected editorial

I have a belief that if I do not post something or the other on a slightly regular basis here, this blog will meet the same fate of my last one. Thus, I'm indulging in a slight bit of cheating by posting pre-written material like this when I'm too busy/ lazy/ both.

My old company made the mistake of including me in the editorial board for its first-ever newsletter. Ignoring my protests, the rest of the ed board thrust the boring work of writing the editorial on poor me. I did my best, and turned up the piece that follows, but it was rejected outright... after wiping the tears from their eyes, they made me sit and write a tame, watered-down, run-of-the-mill editorial. My exhortations of "please publish this - you can even call it the rejected editorial!" fell on deaf ears.

Hehah. Thus I publish my own stuff.


This editorial is supposed to tell you about why we are having a newsletter, and how having this newsletter is going to help us, and how this newsletter is going to grow over the years. To the first, our initial answer was “well, because everybody else seems to be doing it.” Apparently, that was not a good enough reason. So we followed the advice of an old Guru: “When in doubt, Google it.”

You’d be surprised at what we found. Apparently, t
he newsletter had been accepted as a conventional form of correspondence between officials or friends in Roman times, and in the late Middle Ages newsletters between the important trading families began to cross frontiers regularly. Also, there seemed to be a belief among those who indulged in the occult that people who worked on newsletters lived longer, became rich, and enjoyed exceptional popularity among members of the opposite sex.

No, seriously, now that TACO Engineering has branched off into TFDC, too, a newsletter is a pretty good idea to stay in touch with the who’s who, what’s what, and when’s when in the general Engineering family. And with our company growing at a healthy rate, this would be the next logical step in communication.

Also, Shahina threatened to fire us if we did not do it.

We were just kidding (honestly, Shahina? Fire us?). Well, actually, the purpose of the newsletter would be best explained if you take some time to go through the next few pages. We promise not all of it is boring. Honestly.

-The ed board.


Anurag said...

Is a new blog in the offing?

m. said...

super!! talk about .. ahem.. different editorials! :D

Senthil said...

m: Wow! Someone actually liked it! Merci, Merci!

Swathi said...

Hi Senti,
glad that i landed on ur blog.. u write really well n i do notice that u have inherited the style from Plum.
wud luk fwd to reading more from u


Senthil said...

Hey, thanks, Swathi. Er... Plum? Erm... friend of yours?

Swathi said...

hey senti
Plum as in "PGW" n wudnt call miself his friend rather his fan :))

Senthil said...

Oh, ah. Right-ho!
But this post was inspired more by Dave Barry than PGW. I find myself unable to hold a candle to the man, though. You must check out his columns in the Miami Herald.