Friday, March 25, 2005


Wishy one moment, washy the next.
Have to work, want to blog.
Want to watch a random movie, have to finish work.
Book tickets, cancel them.
Transient analysis on one computer, optimization on the other.
Walk out to have dinner, come back with a pack of Maggi.
Reading The Gold Bat, choose The hitchhiker's guide for dinnertime.
Want to call this girl I used to like, end up calling an old college friend.
Feel like listening to fresh new songs, can't bear not listening to the old ones.
Hate my laziness, love not having an ambition.
Thirsty, want to eat dry biscuits.
Want to be coherent, break out into nonsense.
Want to blog, have to work.
Washy one moment, wishy the next.


Mint Chutney said...'re an enigma wrapped in a conundrum. (can you tell I just got a new dictionary). You need to find someone who will be the ying to your yang.

m. said...

nutty... but true - funny how diametrically opposite things can both be appealing!

m. said...

oh... with ref to an earlier post of yours... you have a gemini complex! ;-)

RTD2 said...

pretty darn awesome! I wandered in here via another blog where u had posted a comment about Before Sunrise and Before, I had no idea anyone other than me had even heard of these movies, so thanks for being co-obscure-movie-watcher! I had posted something on my blog after watching Sunset, btw..

Senthil said...

Mint: Wow! I have been called a lot of things, but never an enigma. Thank you, thank you, and here's hoping you never get to know me ;)
And a confession - I had to peek into to look up "conundrum"...

M: Yesh it ish, ishn't it? :) And yesh, maybe I do, don't I? ;)

Rtd2: Ah, I found the post in question in your blog... have confessed in the appropriate comment column... I am sorry to disappoint ye, M'lady...

Anurag said...

Nice post, Mr. Senthil Brown.

RTD2 said...

Oh well..when u said "confession" I thought u meant u hated the movies (many guys do, come to think of it, though I never thought of myself as a chick-flicker not that these are chick flicks..oh well, talk about wishy washy!)

Vignesh said...

My RSS reader threw up the title of your post and I started humming the tune, as your post loaded...

You're lighting a scene that's faded to black
I threw it away cause I don't want it back
But I don't care it's all psychbabble rap to me

- Psychobabble, Eye in the Sky, Alan Parsons Project

m. said...

blogging one moment, silent the next ....
poooooooooostttttt!!! :-)

Senthil said...

Anurag: :) Thanks. Interstingly, the appreciation I get for anything I do is inversely proportional to the effort I put into it. Sigh...

Aarti: Hmmm... they do not quite sound like chick flicks from the reviews... so I think I'll go with you there.

Vignesh: Wow! Now I know where the guy I plagiarised the title from had got the idea in the first place! ;)

M: Wow, you just made my day! *Blush*
Thank you, milady! I am currently going through another of those long, frequently-occurring low-energy phases in life... but I have promised myself that I shall use this weekend more productively, blogwise.